Concept vehicles

Ideas make concepts. Concepts make innovations.
Whether an entire study or parts of a study become a marketable further developed and mature innovation is often only decided years later ...

We would like to present you a few concept vehicles and studies from Lindner & Fischer that will soon or are now already to be encountered on the roads in some shape or other.

L&F presented the concept study of "weighed liquid transport" at the expo PetroTrans 2006 trade fair in Kassel. The weighing technology predecessor of our first generation of silo vehicles was developed as a centre axle trailer with a BDF exchange unit and was intended to demonstrate the possibilities of modern weighing technology.
The study vehicle possesses the following characteristics:   

  • Measurement accuracy of 5 kg with a total weighing mass of 15,000 kg
  • Permanent weighing over the entire unloading area
  • Conversion of kg into litres with 99 specific weights
  • Possibility of price entry and invoice issue
  • 500 name entries for products
  • Volume preselection with automatic shutoff
  • Chassis suitability for receiving BDF exchange units according to EN 284, (wood pellet) silo container, lubricating oil tank, fuel tanks (petrol, diesel, heating oil), etc.
konzept-fluessig 01    konzept-fluessig 02  

Compared to the known vehicle construction with rigid axles, a chassis with independent wheel construction offers a smooth run under the same road conditions and therefore avoids any rocking movement of the semi-trailer thus reducing the wave generation in the tank to a minimum. Road bumping shocks are largely absorbed and hardly affect the semi-trailer and its driving stability. Even road conditions causing sinusoidal oscillation do not rock the bodywork. This can only be achieved when each wheel is able to rebound in and out independent of the wheel on the other side which would not be the case with a rigid axle construction.

Normally such a conveniently balanced chassis is achieved at the cost of safety and driving stability of the vehicle. However, by integration of hydraulic stabilizers the driving stability and safety factor as well as tip stability are further improved. In borderline situations, where conventional chassis reach their limits, the performance of a vehicle having independent wheel suspension remains completely noncritical.


konzept-era 01

   konzept-era 02    konzept-era 03
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