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Silo vehicles from L&F – courage for innovation

What distinguishes our silo vehicles from those of our competitors? They are strikingly different. Unconventional. Modern. Pioneering. Technologically first-rate.

The task faced by our technical design office was completely isolated from the material "silo vehicle": "develop a tanker for transporting wood pellets and what is more, suitable for other free-flowing goods". Our customers' judgement: "please deliver in the same construction as before".

In addition to technology, design above all occupied an important position in the development requirement specification for our wood pellet silo vehicles. Visually, we were seeking a vehicle that looked like a tanker and offered the same structural advantages. Alongside technology, our silo vehicles for transporting free-flowing goods also became an absolute highlight in terms of appearance:

  • closed transitions,
  • smooth container surface without beads and edges,
  • low structural height,
  • flowing contours,
  • compact and perfectly designed construction

The completely newly developed pressure vessel is designed for an operating overpressure of 1.0 bar, with the optimum delivery pressure being approx. 0.3 - 0.5 bars. L&F wood pellet vehicles operate with a high air flow rate capacity that allow our vehicles to proverbially "deal with each pellet individually".  

A prerequisite for high conveying air output at the vehicle is powerful air conveyor systems that usually also entail high noise generation. Our "Silent" system has not only solved this problem, but has also allowed a reduction in noise level by around a further 25% in comparison to conventional systems. Not only your driver, who will be able to go about his work with a comfortable acoustic background, but also your customers will be grateful.

It is thanks to our newly developed "L&F silent low-pressure conveyor system" that dust generation during pellet delivery is reduced to a minimum. The lower and more even the delivery pressure, the higher the quality of the blown out goods. This is why we have developed a delivery pressure monitoring system capable of printing the customer a report on the dispensing pressure on the delivery voucher as a proof of quality of the delivered pellets.

With our innovative and up to now unique automatic residue removal which closes the delivery flaps of the individual compartments by means of residual quantity sensors, we are able to avoid pressure surges during unloading.

The delivery flap position can be infinitely electropneumatically regulated by means of the ergonomically optimally positioned multifunctional control panel on the vehicle rear and can be monitored in real time on an LCD screen next to the control panel. The graphic-visual display contains all the vehicle data necessary for dispensing control, thereby guaranteeing both safe and pellet-friendly dispensing of the wood pellets.  
Delivery can furthermore be observed through the inspection glass installed in the delivery line in the operator's field of vision. The driver is therefore able to adapt the conveying air flow and the delivery flap position, in addition to the container pressure individually and immediately to the local conditions and ensure quality-optimised delivery monitoring and control.
Not only is the graphic display of all the relevant vehicle data on the LCD screen in the control cabinet innovative; the concurrent digital weight display in the remote control also represents an important safety aspect during pellet dispensing. Constantly informed in real time, the driver can optimally control dispensing at all times and immediately intervene if necessary.

Your driver and your vehicles are both an advertisement and a visiting card for your company. Our aim during development was therefore not only to achieve you an obvious technical advantage for all those involved, but also provide an effective advertising instrument at the same time. With wood pellet silo vehicles from Lindner & Fischer, you will be equipping your drivers with a means that 

  1. represents a highlight among silo vehicles both visually and technically
  2. makes your driver's work easier through its operating concept and ergonomically well thought-out detailed solutions
  3. helps avoid damage by means of its safety devices and maintains the quality of the dispensed goods
  4. leaves a thoroughly positive overall impression among all those involved and which is willingly passed on.

With silo vehicles from Lindner & Fischer, your vehicle and driver cut "a good figure" among customers with further recommendations guaranteed!   

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