Tank superstructures

Tank superstructures for the European market from Lindner & Fischer have always stood for reliability, quality, long-lasting value and practicality.

Our tank superstructures are installed without subframes, as a result of which we achieve a gain in useful load and a reduction in structural height. Your vehicle and your driver are therefore not only on the road with more cargo per vehicle; road safety and road holding are also optimised by the unique Lindner & Fischer – very low construction. In addition to the extremely low structural height for tank superstructures, Lindner & Fischer tank superstructures also offer high manoeuvrability owing to the comparatively highly compact structural dimensions. The attractive overall appearance of our superstructures is further enhanced by the rollover protection visually incorporated in the dome well.

By use of corrosion-resistant materials, vehicles from Lindner & Fischer are guaranteed lasting value over the entire duration of use. All superstructures from Lindner & Fischer are built on our patented, fully elastic rubber tank bearing, which has brilliantly proven its worth in our export vehicles on all continents of the world. Tested in the Sahara, our tank bearing provides protection against damage even in the steppes of Mongolia and in the areas of South America and Africa which are demanding in terms of driving skill. Consequently, there is no longer any obstacle to long, demanding deployment of your vehicle!

Quality occupies a paramount position with us. Whether during purchase of the raw materials for your vehicle or during the production process. Everywhere, constant controls for even greater product quality are performed. Our automatic bottom manufacture, which achieves greater precision and quality of the tank bottoms, contributes to this.
Vehicles from Lindner & Fischer were always very user-friendly. Whether a gauge glass in the trailer suction line is involved, the front or rear cabinet to receive the radial hose drum integrated en bloc in the tank, or the valve box incorporated in the tank at optimum working height, well thought out and individual solutions also make your drivers’ job easier. Therefore, for example, another additional advantage of our radial hose drum integrated in the tank is that the vehicle has a more appealing appearance, is easier to clean and the hose and reel are protected against weather influences and soiling. Likewise, the “tank in the tank” system of the additive containers guarantees greater practical serviceability. By installing the additive tank in the tank superstructure itself, the additive in the container is less exposed to the outside temperature, since the tank around the tank with its contents functions in the manner of additional insulation and consequently no problems arise in dispensing under extreme temperatures. In addition, more space remains available in the valve box. Owing to the higher capacity of 70 litres and our bottom filling system with an electronic filling level display, this is the most user-friendly system on the market.
All vehicles from Lindner & Fischer rely on the side panels with a closed hose receptacle system for stowing hoses. Shielded against moisture, dirt and weather influences, any fluid that moistens the hose is in addition separated from the hose by the integrated drip groove in the hose receptacle, so that the hose is kept dry and is ready for use for longer.

Lindner & Fischer:
customers' wishes are innovatively implemented on the vehicle with us. Guaranteed individuality! We can realise any wishes within legal possibilities.

Helping the customer to get a head start in international competition is our task and intended aim. The solution: chassis and superstructures perfectly adapted to one another. Products tailored to the demands that the market imposes. Tried and trusted in practice, reliable in use – world-wide.

Lindner & Fischer... with us, YOU can drive correctly!




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