Tank trailers

Tank trailers for the European market

Many years of experience and unique product quality have allowed us to become market leaders in this field. Reliability and practicality of Lindner & Fischer tank trailers are constantly setting standards.
In our company, innovation is written with a capital “I”. We were therefore the first manufacturers to produce the central-axle trailer for hazardous material transport in 1993. This type of trailer is characterised by extremely high manoeuvrability and is therefore perfectly suited to roundabout traffic. Considerably fewer expendable components represent a further advantage. Owing to its extremely low centre of gravity and ARS as serial equipment, an electronic road holding control system, the central-axle trailer is the safest trailer on the market. It offers unbeatable road holding even in limit situations.

The fifth-wheel trailers in twin-axle and triple-axle versions also offer these advantages. Our fifth-wheel tank trailers are available in lowered construction, which further displaces the centre of gravity downwards and allows more compact dimensions with shorter overhangs for the trailer.
Attention is paid to the highest quality in all our products, which more than does justice to the “made in Germany” symbol. Tank trailers from Linder & Fischer have a long service life without any sacrifices in robustness or suitability for use. By use of corrosion-resistant materials, vehicles from Lindner & Fischer are guaranteed lasting value throughout their entire service life. Quality occupies a paramount position with us. Whether during purchase of the raw materials for your vehicle or during the production process. Everywhere, constant controls for even greater product quality are performed. Our automatic bottom manufacture, which achieves greater precision and quality of the tank bottoms, contributes to this.

All vehicles from Lindner & Fischer rely on the side panels with a closed hose receptacle system for stowing hoses. Shielded against moisture, dirt and weather influences, any fluid that moistens the hose is in addition separated from the hose by the integrated drip groove in the hose receptacle, so that the hose is kept dry and is ready for use for longer.

Lindner & Fischer:
customers' wishes are innovatively implemented on the vehicle with us. Guaranteed individuality! We can realise any wishes within legal possibilities.

Helping the customer to get a head start in international competition is our task and intended aim. The solution: chassis and superstructures perfectly adapted to one another. Products tailored to the demands that the market imposes. Tried and trusted in practice, reliable in use – world-wide.

Lindner & Fischer... with us, YOU drive ahead!




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