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The PELFANT® - a patented innovation from Lindner & Fischer

Der PELFANT® is the ideal addition to your silo vehicle fleet and the economical alternative to silo vehicles with vacuum technology.
Our innovative and patented PELFANT® not only lets you aspirate or transport wood pellets, but also other free-flowing goods, such as granulates or grain. It is suitable for delivering to unloading points that are difficult to access.

Emptying pellet stores using the PELFANT®

Our PELFANT®comes into its own when a pellet store needs to be emptied or cleaned.

The reasons for emptying include, among others

  • maintenance or repair of the heating system,
  • routine cleaning of the pellet bunker,
  • elimination of remaining quantities containing dust or pellets that have become unusable, and
  • a defect in the discharge system.

Der PELFANT® aspirates up to 1.5 tonnes of pellets via a suction hose into its pressure-vacuum container under negative pressure. The pellets are subsequently blown either to the designated disposal point or – if the quality of the pellets is OK – back into the customer’s bunker.

PELFANT®: The powerful addition to your vehicle fleet

The PELFANT® technology means that no vacuum technology is required for the silo vehicles. The advantage to you: the payload of your silo vehicle is maintained. In this way, our PELFANT®allows you reduce not only the purchase costs but also the operating costs for your silo vehicles.

Independent of the silo vehicle, the PELFANT® can be transferred to the deployment site as a self-sufficient service unit, conveniently with a customer service bus or service mobile. A further bonus: the PELFANT® can be transported to the deployment site without a heavy goods vehicle licence. Optionally, the trailer can be operated with a 100 km/h approval. The PELFANT® is also available as a mounted unit for transport on a flatbed.